Sonntag, 20. April 2014


Hello all!
I wish you a very nice Easter!
I hope you got some very nice chocolate eggs and other cute things! ;)

Here are my things I got today:

Do you see this cute macaroon paper holder?
It´s so cute! *-*

Mulan is one of my favourite Disney movies next to Aladdin and Pocahontas!
So I was very excited and grateful about that present!

This bag is from H&M.
This colour is so gorgeous!

Ok, that´s it for today! Have a nice Easter with your family and your friends!
Thank you for reading! Till next time! :)



  1. Lovely and delicious gifts you got. Enjoy them. I got the axact same chocolate bunny by Ferrero Rocher. Already took a bite and it's so delicious!
    Happy Easter!

  2. Hi and happy Easter to you!!! I watched a little bit your blog. Compliments. Really nice. I do not know anything about make-up!! Fortunate you. I would love to be an expert like you! What do you think to follow us in Bloglovin?
    Kisses from Italy,